Friday, September 16, 2016

Worded Out

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It has been a busy week here at Misdirected. We (Lor and I, not the "royal" we) have been to doctor's visits, visited friends in the hospital, and begun investigating some additional potential income streams. At the same time, I have re-programmed Misdirected's web analytics (since it was reporting ZERO visitors for the last two weeks), and took the time to read and review Gina Horkey's new book "Making Money as a Freelance Writer". I have just finished another 10,000-word episode for my upcoming serialized novel (over at Fiction Vortex - why haven't you visited yet? Serialized Fiction is the coming thing, you know.), and begun work on the next episode.

And, somewhere in between completing episode four and starting up episode five this morning, I sorta ran out of words for the week.

Oh, I tried. I started and stopped no less that 3 different blog posts earlier today. I even "finished" one of them. But it was just not up to snuff. I checked out my conclusion with the Editor-In-Chief of Misdirected (Loralia), and she agreed - it was just not ready for prime time. So, I tucked it and the other two ideas away, where I will revisit them, probably next week.

So, why the little apologetic update?

Because the feedback I get from a particularly evocative article is NOTHING compared to the feedback I get when I fail to publish one on any given Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Questions rain in: "Is everything ok? Did you move your website? Are you having seizures?"

For today, the answers are: Yes, everything is fine, no the website has not moved, and my health is currently ok, but thanks for caring enough to check!

I just simply have no new, good insights on anything today to share with everyone.

So, release yourself to recess! You are hereby given permission to check out other blogs. Go buy an episode or two on Fiction Vortex. Heck, if you are a writer, go buy and read Gina's book! But I expect to see you all back here on Monday. I will give myself the weekend off from writing anything, to make sure I am no longer tapped out when next week rolls around. We will catch you all then!

Wondering If I Can Stand The Strain Of Not Writing For 48 Hours,

- Hawkwind

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