Monday, August 29, 2016

The Evil That Lurks Within

No, this isn't food porn. Read on.

So, the good news is that I finally broke the "70 pounds" mark for weight loss this week, coming in at 231 this morning.

The bad news is that I probably lost all 4 pounds for the week yesterday, as the result of an exceptionally poor food choice last night.

We have been doing extremely well in our dietary discipline, overall. We have been very diligent about keeping ourselves above 60 grams of protein a day, restricting ourselves to under 20 grams of carbs a meal, and our caloric intake shows it: we generally average right around 800 calories a day. Our logging (with Baritastic) has been consistent, and we are managing about 6 days of exercise a week, with one of us inevitably not wanting to get out of the house on one day of each week.

Yesterday, however, temptation struck.

How bad could it be, really, to have a little ice cream, right? Even marathoners and weight lifters and the like give themselves a day off from their training and dietary regimens, right? So, surely, it will be no big deal if we go out and get ourselves the smallest, tiniest, ice cream (ok, frozen custard) from Freddie's, right?

This, you see, is how rationalization leads to really bad results.

As it turns out, that little tiny ice cream desert I had contained over 600 calories - almost a day's intake, all by itself. It also contained nearly 4 meals worth of carbs (76 grams), 58 grams of which were sugar. On the sort-of bright side, it did contain 10 grams of protein, so there is that, I suppose.

Now, what do you think happens to a recently operated upon stomach that has had almost no exposure to processed sugar for months when you dump one of these little delights into it?

Yeah, let's just say that I didn't walk the dog last night because I was too afraid to get more than 5 steps away from the bathroom.

This was the first time I have thrown up since the surgery, and let me tell you - it is no fun at all. It may be that the stomach is now reduced in size, it may be that things are still healing internally, but it was painful like nobody's business. Then, of course, came the second half of the operation. I was in and out of the potty half a dozen times in about 2 hours. Around visit #3 I stopped worrying about weight gain and starting worrying seriously about dehydration.

So, yeah. Today I can not bear the thought of eating anything. There was some speculation last night that I would wake up craving sugar today, but no siree. You couldn't get a teaspoon of sugar into me without holding me down and shoving it up my nose or something. As it is I have no idea what the heck I am going to eat today that won't make me violently ill again. Hummus, maybe, I could possibly manage plain yogurt. The idea of digesting anything with texture is just not a good one right now.

Bright side? I don't see this happening again, especially as a "reward" for several weeks of good behavior. Amazing, the damage that 4 ounces of ice cream (frozen custard) can do.

But, I lost 4 pounds. So, there's that.

Shooting Pepto-Bismol And Hoping For The Best,

- Hawkwind

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