Tuesday, July 19, 2016

In the Land of the Hot, Hot Heat

Day 3 in Tucson. Out in the deserts around us there are the skeletal remains of pre-surgical bariatric patients, caught for eternity in the act of reaching for a protein shake or Powerade Zero forever just out of their reach.

But, seriously, it is freakin' hot out here. So hot that yesterday I ignored all the warning signs and pushed a little too hard through the antique stores and thrift shops with Lor and our recently relocated friend, and had my very first heat-triggered seizure. Just to make things perfect, this occurred in a claustrophobic thrift shop where I was surrounded by floor-to-ceiling shelves covered in glassware, china teapots, and ancient porcelain dolls.

Ever tried to keep your balance during a seizure when surrounded by hundreds of old breakables? I don't recommend it.

Luckily, Lor got me outside before I racked up any damages, and we called off the expedition. I went back to our friend's apartment and took a cold shower to drop my core body temperature, then went to sleep for an hour or so. I got out of it with nothing more than a small bite on the inside of my cheek, and what will probably be a lifelong phobia of tightly packed thrift stores.

But, seriously, this is what happens from hauling myself out into the desert on a protein-shake-only diet, then working myself into the ground, then exposing myself for hours to what passes for normal July weather here in Arizona. A "normal" person would have passed out, maybe. Since I already suffer from epilepsy, my brain just took the shortcut of having a seizure. I knew darn well that this was a potential outcome.

I just didn't plan for the whole antique store part.

I can't stress enough - if you are planning on going through this process, do not follow my example. Protect yourself while you are operating on such a low caloric level. Stay hydrated. Do not expose yourself to extremely high, brain-frying heat.

And you might want to skip antiquing, too. Just to be safe.

24 Hours Until I Can Get Out Of This Heat (And Six Days Until Surgery),

- Hawkwind

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