Thursday, April 14, 2016

One Step Up, Two Steps Back

Photo Credit: nicarus30 via Compfight cc
Well, version 2.0 didn't last long, did it?

I still want a more professional look to the blog. But I had fallen into the classic trap of "form over function". Users could no longer see things like "About Me" or "Blog List" easily. The follow by email tool had vanished. And, most importantly, the blog archive and the link back to the first Gastric Sleeve post were no longer visible - with no easy way to make them visible, without quite a bit of HTML programming. Sure, the "Magazine" view was cool - but what happens in a year or so, when users want to go back to the beginning and have to scroll through 200 other articles to get there? Accordingly, I have declared defeat and retreated back to the original Misdirected design. In the future, I will try to remember the first rule of publishing: "Focus on the content".

It has just been that kind of a week. First, we had the hiatal hernia diagnosis. Within an hour of that, we were in a car accident. We were not at fault (we were rear-ended at a traffic light), but what we thought was minor damage at the time turned into this: 

The rear bumper was completely crushed, the floor of the trunk and rail below it were bent upwards, and the rear doors would no longer close. Our faithful Sentra was declared a total loss and is now on its way to a salvage yard somewhere, leaving us car-less.

May I take this moment to recommend gap insurance on any car you are still making payments on? We didn't have it, and will be making payments for a while on a car that no longer exists. 

To top the week off, I couldn't take the stress anymore and hauled us off to McDonald's, because, you know, french fries. What the heck is going to happen the first time I am in a car accident after my surgery, I have to ask myself.

So, yeah. Not a great week.

Now, positives: No one was seriously injured in the accident. My parents stepped up with the "indefinite" loan of their F-150, so we aren't on foot. The brain-rattling impact of the accident did not cause me to have any seizures, which is really good news. My hernia is repairable. And we did limit ourselves to Quarter Pounders and small Fries - no soft drinks, and Lor even thought to do her burger "Protein style" - that is, with no bun. Overall, the damage could've been much, much worse. (Think injuries, riding the bus, and Large Fries and Chocolate Shakes.)

I do apologize for the inconvenience of  the Version 2.0 switch. If I ever switch to my own website, I will rethink design again then, but until then, I pledge to leave things alone and let you all get back to reading, instead of trying to figure out how to navigate unknown waters.

Hoping This Week Is Over,

- Hawkwind


  1. So after the surgery you two share a burger and small fries! Life happens bro. Glad no seizures.

    1. me too! I've been celebrating that!! When I'm not walking around trying to clear my headache.